Sixth Edition Now Available!

Free Help from Uncle Sam

“Free Help From Uncle Sam” reveals little known sources of free government help for small businesses. The government (Uncle Sam) offers everything from advice, counseling services and publications, loans, loan guarantees, financial incentives and much more, most of them free for the asking. Hess has just finished updating the 6th edition of his book revealing almost 100 of his “secret” sources for getting free help from Uncle Sam. The eBook gives the names, website links, addresses and details on government sources that specialize in small business assistance. Many small businesses are eligible for free assistance, services, even loans, and grants, but they have no idea how or where to find this free help. Finding and using just one of these resources is worth many times the very low $0.99 price.

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This version is an eBook only and is available from Amazon, iTunes and other places for any eReader format.

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